Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can you guess what movie Tyson is watching?


Tyson LOVES the movie Bolt. He always ends up scooting closer and closer to the TV until he is just a few inches away and then of course that's when I scoot him back to his starting point. It's so funny to hear him talking to the dog and animals in this movie. To hear him laugh and giggle at certain scenes in the movie just cracks me up. Tyson is a little under the weather today:( I just took his temperature and its 101.8. He has another tooth that is just about to break through the gum so I am hoping its just a fever from teething. I want my little boy back though, even if it means chasing him all over the house making sure he isn't getting into the trash or climbing on top of chairs or his favorite,the coffee table. Feel better Tyson!

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