Monday, January 4, 2010

Mine on Monday

My first "Mine on Monday" post! Just a few pictures of Tyson during bathtime last night. One of Tyson's latest tricks is whistling. A few weeks ago while I was getting ready for work in the morning I heard someone whistling and never once thought it could be Tyson until he walked into the bathroom and I saw my 2 year old whistling better than most adults! I was shocked! I can't even whistle myself and my 2 year old can! I am so proud of his many talents!! :) I have been wanting to catch him whistling on video camera but of course whenever you ask him to do it he doesn't. While Tyson was playing in the tub I caught him whistling and with a little encouragement I was able to catch it on camera! He is so much fun!

I realize this picture of the two of us is NOT the best of me but I don't care! It is one of the VERY FEW pictures of us together so it will be one I will treasure. LOVE YOU TYSON!


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