Monday, January 25, 2010

Mine on Monday - 1st Family Pic Ever!

So after taking pictures of all the ADORABLE kids at my Valentine Mini Shoot I got a little jealous and wanted to do a Valentine shoot with my own family. Can you believe we do not have a single family picture?! I called my good friend Lynn after church on Sunday and asked her if she would take a few pictures of our family so I could send out Valentine cards too. I wasn't able to send out Christmas cards this year because I was so busy getting everyone else's Christmas pictures ready:( It is so nice to have a family picture! FINALLY! After our mini family shoot I was able to get a few good ones of Tyson before we lost too much light. I won't post those because I don't want to give away our entire Valentine card! If you would like a Valentine card from my little family please send me your address!

*Thanks Lynn for taking pics for us and letting me edit them! What a special treat to have a picture with everyone and not just Tyson or Tyson and Daddy! Yay!


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